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Studies shows that yoga can benefit you from just one session!

This is very interesting. How much yoga do we need to do to get an effect? Well, according to a new study by the Centre of Yoga Therapy, Education and Research and the Mahatma Gandhi Medical College & Research Institute in India, they have revealed that a single session of yoga can significantly reduce heart [...]

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Dealing with Depression

DEALING WITH DEPRESSION by Ammaji Hitting rock bottom is hard. The only consolation is that you can’t fall any farther! So, you may as well get up, brush yourself off and start the climb all over again. Hopefully, sadder perhaps, but wiser! What makes us fall? How can we rise? These are questions worth pondering! [...]

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Face to Face

FACE TO FACE : SORROW IS A WASTED EMOTION Ammaji “Life is suffering,” said the Buddha. “And the cause of suffering is desire.” Somehow, though   I love and revere the Buddha, I cannot agree with him! I prefer the more mellow, wider Hindu spiritualist view: Life is a great cosmic mixture of suffering and joy, [...]

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Another wonderful yoga teaching from Ammaji It was the German philosopher Immanuel Kant who said he wanted this statement engraved on his tombstone: “Two things instill in me great awe: The vast starry skies above me and the moral law within me.” He touched on a great truth. When the human soul evolves to a [...]

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