A systematic instruction into the ancient science of RishiCulture Ashtanga Yoga.


This course was written by Swami Gitananda  for those living around the world who were not able to get to his ashram in South India. It was originally set out as a correspondence course and under the instruction of Yogacharini Meenakshi Devi, Swami Gitananda’s wife, Kalavathi guides groups through this course on behalf of Ananda Ashram in South India.

The Foundation Course, also known as the step by step correspondence course, will develop your knowledge of yoga either for interest or with the view to train to teach.

Immerse yourself in the lessons contained within this amazing manuscript, studying all aspects of Yoga.  Use this course for self-exploration and growth or as a foundation to teacher training. You will receive the extremely comprehensive course text book and the ashrams monthly magazine ‘Yoga Life’ for one year.

Aspects of yoga covered in this course are: Asana, Pranayama, Relaxation, Meditation, Mantra, Anatomy & Physiology, Philosophy and much much more.

Group meetings are held once a month on a weekend. In the text there are 52 lessons and we assign one lesson to a week. Each lesson contains theory, practice and some written work. We cover 4 lesson in each meeting. There is an essay on Yoga to do at the end of the course and this can be any aspect of Yoga that interests you. You are encouraged to keep a Yoga Diary to support you through your growth and experience.

Starts: November 2017

Costs: £400  upfront and £40 per meeting *         

To download the Foundation Course Leaflet please click here

For more information please contact Kalavathi

If you have very little Yoga experience then this course is a pre-requisite for the Yoga Teacher Training Course. It is also a pre-requisite to the 6 months Teacher Training Course at the ashram in India itself.

ganapati-227x300To secure your place please send a £50 non-refundable deposit with your name, address, email and telephone number to 43 Oakfield St, Cardiff, CF243RE

Cheques to be made payable to Yoga Wales please. Thank you.

* Since this course is run on behalf of the ashram, the initial £400 cost is the fee to cover the ashrams course, registration and membership with the ashram, the course text, and their monthly magazine all of which have been greatly discounted for these groups.

The meeting fee is charged by Kalavathi for her time preparing, teaching and marking.

Anyone already in possession of the course book due to either having taken this course previously with Kalavathi or directly from the ashram who is wanting to participate in the course is requested only to make a gesture donation/dakshina to the ashram, keep their yoga life subscription up to date and pay for the monthly meetings.


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Course 1: Sunday Evenings 
16th September 2018
14th October
11th November
9th December
20th January 2019
10th March
7th April
28th April
2nd June
30th June
28th July
1st September 
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Course 2: Saturday Daytime
26th January 2019
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30th November
5th January 2020 
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I started attending yoga classes at the Om studio with Kalavathi a few years ago now, soon after she had opened the wonderful studio she created. I had been wanting to find a yoga class to join- somewhere I could feel connected, that wasn’t just another fitness class squeezed in between other classes in a soulless leisure centre but something special. A friend had been attending Kalavathi’s classes for some time and recommended her so, along with my friend Seren,I went along to the Om studio. It is such a beautiful and tranquil space, tucked away in the back streets of Cardiff…it is very special! The step by step foundation course is packed full of treasure!…This course teaches you the ins and outs of yoga on every level, offering insight and understanding of how yoga connects us with the body, mind and spirit. Kalavathi is very skillfull at making the material very accessible and understandable. It is lovely to be closely connected to the Ashram in India throughout the training, receiving the monthly newsletter and feedback on our written work! It is a course that demands great dedication, a willingness to go inwards and really explore who you are, how you are and what you are. I feel energised, healthy and grounded because of it!
Mel, 2015 group
I start doing Yoga before 4 years in different places but I have never seen my body more flexible, relax,aware and improved in different Asanas as much as I can see it now. Yoga.. not just a work out, its a work in, now I see myself and others in a different way, I start changing myself rather than judging others and asking them to Change. I love yoga and I want it to be an important part of my life, the course really helping a lot to reach this point. You, your classes and the whole course inspiring me and helping me to achieve my dreams. The teacher (you) 5/5 The studio 5/5 The time 5/5 The course 5/5 I learned a lot and I’m still learning Yoga made me a better person Emi xx
Eman, 2015 group
Every visit to the Om Yoga Studio is an absolute joy, it is such a wonderful, welcoming space exuding passion, warmth and love for the yoga way of life. Being part of the Foundation Step by Step course has been an amazing, transformative experience. The course material is so rich and expansive and Kalavathi teaches in a way which is so authentic, respectful and knowledgeable that one truly feels the transference of the wisdom of the ancient teachings in an accessible and down to earth way. Embarking on the course is a big decision, but one that I have not regretted for a single moment and I feel such gratitude for the experience of connection with teachings that will be with me all the way through my life journey.
Heather, 2015 group
Halfway through the foundation course and I’ve learnt so much about myself already! Although there are plenty of areas for me to improve on and grow, there are those where I have learnt that it is okay to be more accepting and kind to myself! This course is so much more than learning a set of postures and is taught in a friendly, comfortable and accomplished manner by Kalavathi. The students in our group come from very different age groups and backgrounds but we all get on well and have a giggle – the unity of Yoga at work!
Molly, 2015 group
Both the Foundation and Teacher Training courses ran by Kalavathi at Om studio share a vast amount of knowledge and culture that has been passed on directly from Ananda Ashram. Kalavathi delivers the teachings in a way that enables you to digest what you need to learn so that you can teach to the best of your ability. As a student, I felt that the only way to absorb what I needed, was to give my best effort and respect. Invaluable.
Tina, 2014 group