Lovely classes where both mum and baby benefit

Wednesdays 11.30am-12.45pm

£35 payable in 5 week blocks

Please give Kalavathi a ring or send her an email for more information or you can  BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE.

Om Studio’s mums and baby yoga class is a lovely bonding class for mums and their babies where you canbaby-yoga-6 focus on yourself and your baby without any of the daily life distractions that you would normally be faced with. We welcome all babies and adapt to each and every one of them since they are the most important aspects of the class. Ultimately you do whatever your baby wants. If he needs a cuddle give him a cuddle, if she needs feeding feel free to feed and she wants to be sitting up when we are lying down then that’s fine too!

We start the class giving a gentle massage followed by appropriate yoga techniques to the little ones. This creates a good space for them and gets them used to the positive stimulation. We will do gentle yoga movements for mum whilst the babies either sleep, lie down, or are in our arms – it is a time to share and you will find doing yoga with your baby can be fun! Massage and Yoga are so beneficial  for many things. Among other things you will find your baby settles easily through touch, may sleep better and digestive issues can be helped.  You will find that it is a relaxing class where you can meet other mums and their babies, share, and the best bit of all is to have lots of baby cuddles without any interference from modern life.


This is a special period and one where you will want to spend quality time with your baby since that time can pass so quickly. As a new mother it can sometimes take a while to be confident in handling your baby and being with your baby in public especially if they cry. A class like this will help give you that confidence. If your baby makes a noise that’s fine with all of us and no-one minds at all since they all make noises at some point. Through touch, movement and play we get comfortable with knowing and addressing the needs of our babies.

baby-yogaThis class is paid for in blocks of 5 weeks. This has been done in this way to enable everyone to get the maximum benefit from the classes. Not only will you be guaranteed a place when you walk through the door, but it will help keep you regular which means you and your baby will get more benefit out of the classes. You would not notice the benefit by just attending one class. Key to this class is the support group that you will be nurtured by. You will see the same faces each time that you come and so there will always be a familiar face you are comfortable with going through the same learning process as you. You will also be immediately welcomed into a support group of other mothers and babies so there will always be someone up for going out to coffee or to the park. We always have a lovely friendly relaxed group – do come and join us.

The Mums and Baby Class is every Wednesday 11.30am-12.45pm

£35 payable in 5 week blocks

Please give Kalavathi a ring or send her an email for more information or to book your place.

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Despite being relatively new to mother and baby yoga, it is already something that I enjoy and gladly make time for in my busy life. The studio is a calm, bright and thoughtful environment and feels very removed from the bustle of the city and it’s buzz. My daughter appears to like being in the presence of other babies and I relish spending time with her in the absence of TVs, smart phones, washing machines, shopping trolleys and microwaves. It’s true quality time spent together and I like to think that I’m helping to start to make her robust and resilient by teaching her how to be calm and relaxed. Kalavathi is intuitive with both babies and mums and it just ‘works.’ I look forward to our next piece of peace:)
It was with no hesitation therefore that I jumped at the chance to join her Mums and Babies class once my little one had arrived. This class is again my ‘go-to’ for an hour or so of uninterrupted time with my baby. Kalavathi works intuitively with the mood of the class each week so if the babies aren’t feeling like lying down then we get up and if they feel like sitting, we sit! I appreciate this approach to a baby class as it takes the stress out of trying to get your baby to conform to something they might not feel like doing! My little one seems to enjoy the class and I know I continue to get the yoga benefit I had enjoyed in Kalavathi’s pregnancy class. On a further note, I have met some lovely women through the classes to share the pregnancy and motherhood journey with and this has been encouraged my Kalavathi who even set up a ‘Bumps and Babies’ Facebook group for us all to keep in touch. She is creating a lovely yoga community. Well done!
Meant to send this yesterday after class. Big thank you for the amazing classes…I speak for my baby and my self when I say, we are loving them! Knowing you have been a part of her journey from the beginning make them all the more special. We just need to convince you to do a class for children next Xx