Home of Gitananda Yoga in Cardiff, this purpose built studio offers you the opportunity to experience yoga as it is taught in India

om studio

Partridge Lane, Roath, Cardiff, CF24 3QN

Om Studio, the home of Yoga Wales has been purpose built for Kalavathi to share her love of yoga with everyone who is interested no matter what level of experience they have. It is surrounded by a garden and trees that are alive with the sound of bird song, yet is only a short walk from the City Center. Make sure you leave a little extra time when you go there for the 1st time as it can prove tricky to find but when you do you’ll be so glad you have. The entrance and communal area was named The Hug by one of Kalavathi’s students because that is how it made her feel. We liked that! Its a nice place to relax before or after class with many interesting things to look at that Kalavathi has picked up on her travels. There is also a bookcase full of books – feel free to pull one off and get comfy with it on the pew while you wait.

Partridge Lane runs parallel between Partridge Road and Oakfield Street. The best way to find the studio is to go up Partridge Road and find no 56 – the lane is right next to it. Walk down the lane and when you turn the bend you will find Om Studio on the left. You can’t miss it as there is a huge mural of Ganesha painted on the wall. Good luck finding the door handle though!

The door is open 15 minutes before classes then it is locked during the class. If you are running late send me a text and I will  leave the door on the latch for you which you can drop when you come in. Otherwise don’t be late or you will be locked out! Please wait until the quiet sitting has finished before entering the studio. Thank you.